Zoom G3 Review

Zoom G3 Review

What is Zoom G3 ?

zoom g3The Zoom G3 is a cutting edge device that combines the best qualities of a stompbox pedal with technological superiority of multi-effect processor and amp simulator. The Zoom G3 inlcudes an onboard drum machine and looper as well as three LCD displays that are operated with distinct footswitches.

The sophisticated design of this device allows the user to incorporate stomp box effects into a recording session while utilizing and coordinating up to three amps. The amplifiers included in the Zoom G3 allows the user to craft his own sound and can maintain 100 distinct original sounds with ease.

The footswitch system on the Zoom G3 allows the user to activate the tuner in real time to ensure consistent guitar pitch and accuracy throughout the recording session. It allows the user to loop sounds, dub over recorded material, and record forty-second phrases of music.

The Zoom G3 fully integrates the tools needed for live recording sessions with the tools for an effective, streamlined audio postproduction workflow. The Zoom G3 comes with Edit and Share software that connects with the Steinberg’s LE DAW.

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Here’s What It’ll Do For You

The Zoom G3 is battery-run. Four double AA batteries will power the device for up to six hours. The machine’s power lies in its capacity to generate and store simultaneous effects while manipulate amp settings and tuning the guitar.

The interface allows for a seamless, easy-to-use, intuitive control system. The 22amp models included allow for up to ninety-four kinds of effects, allowing creative users to explore sonic possibilities with few technical difficulties.

Each LCD has a scroll function, allowing for instantaneous audio editing, effect laying, and amplification. The automatic save function allows users to retrace their steps easily while rearranging various parameters.

The Zoom originally came with thirteen amps and, in the Zoom G3, nine additional amps allow for harmonic arranging. The sonic characteristics of each amp are unique, allowing for limitless creative audio production and live recording.

The stompbox presets include iconic guitar pedals, allowing players to mix traditional or well-known guitar sounds with effects of their own creation. Audio effects can implicate reverb, distortion, compression, delay, hum, modulation and allow for a professional-level sound mix with little set-up.

Looped sound functions add further sonic possibilities for the Zoom G3. Guitar players can layer one track of sound onto another while engaging with the drum machine. A full band effect is possible in a matter of minutes. Another convenient aspect of the device is that, given its XLR lines, DI boxes are not necessary. This enables the device to fulfill a wide array of functions.

zoom g3 review


  • Contains three large LCD displays
  • Includes a tuner that can function in real time
  • Uses 32-bit floating processing
  • Includes footswitches with unique functions and menus
  • Enables stomp box effects and amp effects
  • Includes outstanding amp simulation functions
  • Includes 100 DSP effects
  • Includes a built-in XLR output for mixing
  • Ensures a balanced signal when connect to external devices, without A/D converter
  • Includes 13 high-quality, professional grade amps
  • Includes 9 amps that include harmonics
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface and design
  • Allows for the creation and storage of up to 100 tones
  • Enables users to play along to drum machine
  • Includes Looper function for up to 40 seconds of phrase recording and dubbing
  • Includes USB audio interface for DAW recording (Mac and PC)
  • Includes software for recording and editing (Zoom Edit & Share and Steinberg Sequal LE recording software)
  • Uses 4 AA batteries, USB bus, and AC power
  • Includes a signal-to-noise ratio of 120dB
  • Includes a noise floor of -100dBm

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

The Zoom G3 is an essential tool for creative guitar players and music producers of any level. If you are just starting out, testing the device is highly recommended. Given the diversity of the instrument’s functions and capabilities, you should do multiple tests with varying parameters to ensure the device is meeting your particular needs.


First, if you are a guitar player, test the device’s drum function and live tuning functions. Guitar players who make metal music or alternative music will be most impressed by the flexibility of the device’s functions and the immediacy of its audio editing functions.

Be sure to test with the multiple amps and make notes of each amp as well as the parameters that you used. If you engaged with distortion, reverb, compression, or pitch modulation, compare this device’s functioning to a more traditional set-up or devices of the same price range that purport to have the same functions.

If you are a beginner, the total integration of the guitar music production process with the audio postproduction process will appeal to you. If you are just exploring what you want to express with your guitar, having a seamless production-to-post piece of equipment will streamline your process and allow you to focus on the critical creative aspects of music-making.

Second, the Zoom’s performance during live recordings are unparalleled. If you want to check your tuning or practice playing a melody to a certain drum beat or to a solo, the Zoom will allow you to do all three things. Indeed, it is a tool that can allow you to become a more creative, stronger musician while allowing you to begin working in audio postproduction.

If you are a more experienced producer, the range of the Zoom’s amp offerings and the nearly one hundred sound effects will provide a lot of sonic fodder for your creative projects. Musicians and producers who are accustomed to working with larger, cumbersome studio recording set-ups enjoy using this particular device because it allows for a much more intuitive workflow.

The device also permits you to use much less equipment, which means less space is occupied during recording and less equipment is necessary for transport. If you are doing shows in different cities, with varied gear, this often overlooked aspect of video and audio recording equipment will play an integral role in your decision-making process.

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