Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package Review

Start playing your favourite song in one of the popular acoustic guitars in the market. Try Yamaha gigmaker deluxe package and you will absolutely learn all the basics of guitars. It includes a Yamaha FD01S and other necessary accessories that you will need during your learning process.

FD01S of Yamaha is a great acoustic guitar for starters. It features a spruce top as well as nato back and sides to provide users great projection and tone. Its nato neck has 20 frets and dot inlays which are very classic. Yamaha gigmaker deluxe package also includes a guitar tuner which is Qwik Tune QT-11. This helps users to have easy tuning. It is also suitable for electric and other acoustic guitars. In addition, it features a function that serves as a great alternative for metering.

The instructional DVD on the package provides guitar basics that will help you in familiarizing tuning, changing strings, and many more. This package also comes with a handy bag, extra strings, picks, and useful straps.

Product Features

  • It includes operational DVD, gig bag, guitar, strings, strap, picks, and tuner.
  • The acoustic Yamaha FD01S comes with nato back/ sides and spruce top.
  • The included guitar tuner has pitch pipe function.
  • This is complete package for starters.
  • Instructional DVD covers guitar basics such as common chords, tuning, changing strings, and picking.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


This wonderful product has everything you need for acoustic guitars. The DVD is really helpful and does its job during the guitar lessons. You will never be hopeless in learning acoustic guitars again. The Yamaha YD01S produce excellent sounds and its bag is useful in protecting it from any possible damages. When compared to other tuners in the market, its Qwik Tune QT-11 is easy to use and hassle-free. It will only take a few minute to tune the guitar.


Users may encounter several disadvantages on this product. One of it is that this breaks easily and always out of tune. The tuner is not also working and extra strings weren’t used because it is made of low quality material. The strings collapse because of the tuner. Its instructional guide has bad quality. You better purchase a guitar book instead of watching it.

Once you buy acoustic guitars online, expect that you will have your desired product on its best. However, it depends on the store. Make sure that the store is well-known for high quality packaging and will shipped your order securely. Remember to know your needs before you will purchase the product online. If the product was damaged because of shipping, ask for a replacement on your dealer or vendor. You can also call the support of Yamaha if there are needed fixes and repairs.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Like other acoustic guitars, this product also received high ratings from its buyers. They find it very efficient and convenient. The product is better than they expected and comes with a reasonable price. It produces great sounds like expensive guitars do. For people who are just beginning with their guitar lessons, this is a recommended package. Most of users advised this to all starters. Your money will not be wasted and you can learn playing guitar instantly.

Although the package is really a good product to purchase, other users found some issues about it. They’ve complained for broken parts. The extra stuffs on the package are not working fine and needed a replacement immediately. However, these issues are not true to all users and it depends on the online store where you availed it.

This acoustic guitar package got 4.5 out of 5 stars rating. 73% of reviews have 5 stars. 13% of customer reviewers rated the product with 4 stars. 2 stars also have 13% of reviews. There are no reviews for 3 and 1 star rating.


If you want to learn playing acoustic guitars quickly, Yamaha gigmaker deluxe package is the right product for you. All the things that you needed are on this package. This means you will save you more time and money from purchasing important stuffs for your guitar lessons. This package is rare in local stores. If you want to have it immediately, better buy it online. Many online stores are offering this product and most of them give discounts. So, when purchasing online, conduct canvassing and compare their prices. If a certain website sells it with a very low price, know if it’s a trusted site because there are times that these are just scams.

Majority of music lovers recommend to buy acoustic guitars online. This is because you can compare prices of products and at the same time, you can read some of its reviews. Find online stores now and purchase acoustic guitars from them.

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