Mooer Guitar Pedals Review (2020)

Are you tired of carrying large compressor pedals wherever you go for a live performance? If so, worry no more for I am just about to introduce you to a series of Moore Micro-sized pedals which are far much portable. Apart from the size-advantage, the Mooer products are of high quality and they will give you the best tones and compression for your sound. In my above Mooer Pedals review, I have extensively dealt with 4 of the best Mooer pedals.


1. Sonic legos made of steel

This is my first item in my mooer pedals review. It is sizable, measuring approximately 1” by 2” makin it to fall amongst the mooers micro series of pedals. This together with other Mooers micropedals are generally superb for stage minimalists and cluttered pedalboards. This mooer brand uses true-bypass switching and can only be powered by a 9 Volts Adapter. This is because its micro-size cannot allow room for batteries and the ¼ jacks are somehow staggered to economize space on the width. With Sonic Legos, you can never question it’s durability as it comes packed in a steel metal casing that is thick enough to counter denting.


It being micro-sizes makes it easy for some people to get used to incorporating it into your effect chain. Be it mooer, a single of those red witch Seven Sisters or Malekko Omicron series of pedal, its micro-sizness and lightweightness makes it easy to be superior than thos small tots out there. For this reason I strongly suggest to you the sonic legos pedal for the best signal compression. Imagyn carrying a reliable and efficient micro-sized pedal!


      2.  ShimVerb Reverb

This comes second in my Mooer pedal review. This pedal looks sleek in a gray gunmetal casing with a slight hint of sparkle. It comes with three default controls which are decay, color and level. These controls makes you to be at a position of altering the reverb. This depends on which of the three modes( spring, room or shimmer) you pick.


I find the room mode to be very effective when it comes to subtle “verb washes” but it can you can make it to sound a little boxy and sterile by you anticlockwise turning the colour knob. Moreover, when the color knob is pushed, the spring mode can give a little bit of digital sound. If you opt for the mellow color settings, you can get perfect Ennio Morricone-style spaghetti-western tone together with a darker Fender amp with single-coils. Finally I find the shimmer mode to be the best if you perfectly understand how to use it. With it you are at a position of producing starlight rich, glammy,post rock color with warm and fluttering overtones.


If you want to get some bit of pop, just simply switch the ShimVerb to higher levels.


3. Green Mile Overdrive

This comes third in my mooer pedal review list. This is one of Mooer’s  Micro Series that takes the TS-9-Style pedal. This mooer brand features a glossy aquamarine paint job, a big overdrive knob, a red LED indicator, tone pots and a warm mode toggle. This pedal is a smart, simple one that will be of delight for your set-it and forget-it kind of crowd. When you dial the level up to about 2 o’clock and use the warm mode through a clean amplifier, you will have a unity gain. Moreover, if you change the mode to hot, you will remarkably boost the your volume output. Adding on the tone increases the brightness and maximize a little white noise that is much prevalent with single-coils.


This pedal gives some remarkable flexibility in relation to the mid spike that is basic in TS-9 reissues. The mode button gives a cool bit of extra versatility too-warm delivering muscular vintage twag and hottens the fans .


   4.    The Pitch Box

The sparkly blue pitch compressor is a pretty one from the mooer’s company. Unlike other mooer products, the pitch box uniquely comes with 3 position toggle keys for pitch shift, harmony and detune modes together with a large knob for picking the pitch shift range.


The harmony mode makes it possible for you to some extent replicate the octave effect of a Digitech Whammy sand the control of foot pedal. The strummed chords have an excellent trackings. However, White stripes enthusiasts will be much cooler if they get a cheaper alternative for reproducing Jack White’s octave leads. Courtesy of dirty amplifier, the pitch shift mode is at a position of exhaling Southern Sludge  when the pitch is at -7 or -8.


At low volumes, the most extreme position for both pitch and harmony modes is least impressive. With a single-oil of Tele or Strat, they can as well be a little bit abrasive. Finally if you go for the pich-down setting option,the detune mode will get more of a chorus effect which will definitely give a darker voie than playing a guitar in C and Eb turning,



From the above mooer pedals review, it is provable that with a quality build and tones ranging from from solid to great, you can pack them into very small packages. If you believe in huge products, then the mooer products may not be for you. But if you are in dire search of a quality compressor pedal that you will find it easy to carry it wherever you go them don’t hesitate to pick one of the above Mooer pedal.

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