Line 6 POD Review – Multiple Effects Guitar Processor

What’s Line 6 POD: Multiple Effects Guitar Processor?

line 6 podA ‘Line 6 POD’ effects processor for guitars, is a professional solution for those who desire industry standard tones, and high quality sound control; from solo-guitar players who play for fun, to touring celebrity musicians. This effects processor is considered a standard piece of equipment across the full range of the music world and its resident musicians of all levels, skill and otherwise.

Line 6 POD offers a full variety of diverse product options both within the Line 6 POD itself, and also devices which couple with a Line 6 POD to more conveniently access and accentuate its already very powerful features. Key additional elements such as pedal boards work with a Line 6 POD to provide programmable Wah capabilities, as well as customized effects across a number of 6 pedals with very extensive sound bank abilities.

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An entire concert spanning a whole career of albums could be flawlessly played throughout with this one device. Instead of having to change a large number of petals around, switch guitars, switch amps, or etc.~ a Line 6 Pod allows you to access to everything you need, in one compact and convenient unit.

It also provides effects relating to the nature of classic and modern Amp Heads and Speaker Cabinets; leaving you with a near infinite amount of programmable sound options.

Some of the effects present in a Line 6 POD are as follows: Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Flangers, Compressors, Rotary Speakers, and Tremolo- not to mention the ‘Wah’ capabilities. These effects can further be customized by setting the Line 6 POD device to sound like a number of combinations of speakers and heads, all at customizable effect and intensity levels.

Also present is a Chromatic Tuner, and a mute channel for quick and seamless tuning.

As far as hardware capabilities are concerned are: Stereo 1/4″ Outputs, Left & Right; MIDI Inputs & Outputs; a Headphone Connection; a Pedal Connection; a 1/4″ Input; and a Bypass mode useful for playing directly through the speaker, without disconnecting the POD.

line 6 pod review

Here is what it will do for you:

Some people wonder why they would ever need a device as sophisticated as this simple to use product is; some folks even go as far as to think that they are not in need of a device such as this, and they seem content playing without one. However, Line 6 provides an opportunity for expansion and true customization of individual sound.

Playing through whatever amp you’ve got, through whatever guitar and effect pedals (if any) you can afford, does in a way provide for a unique personal identity in sound; but such is not as it is because of your own choice decisions, it is more a result of circumstance than anything else. What Line 6 has to offer you, is true individual power to design and tailor their sounds exactly to their own personal tastes and artistic visions.

It is a true freedom to have such an ability to make such executive decisions about something so near and dear to your heart as the music you play. Very honestly, very directly, this is a very real thing which Line 6 offers to an individual with it’s POD line of products.

This is no exaggeration; it is like designing your own clothes, or drafting the design for your own personally built house. Line 6 offers to you that capability, applied to the realm of music.

With Line 6, your music remains individual, and even if other people try to copy you, nobody except for you will ever be able to achieve the sounds that you personally program for your guitar.


A Line 6 POD unit is definitely an experience, and a full impact tool for musicians of any caliber. As with any feature packed tool, there is a lot to learn and discover about one of these processors, not to mention that which there is to learn about its accessories.

With diligence and dedication, it is possible to get this piece of high technology to do just about anything at all that you want it to do. With that said, here listed are some of the finest points of owning this kind of Line 6 Product:

  • This is a truly comprehensive piece of technology, which enables its user more individual creative freedom in regards to how they will sound.
  • The price for this professional industry standard equipment is very affordable and realistically obtained.
  • This product WILL help you to expand your ideas and experiences of, and with, music.
  • Its ease of access is incredible, and can be used immediately with little or no training.
  • There is always room to advance your knowledge about your POD and it’s features, keeping the unit useful and interesting with lasting value over time.


Here is what I want you to do next:

For the musicians and players, and the singer/songwriters (no matter what form your voice takes to express ‘you’), your voice deserves to be heard.

Line 6 helps those of you who are called to play and/or perform. For those of you who are born with a drive, or natural talent and inclination to play; the Line 6 POD truly has the potential to change your life in several positive and expansive ways.

Dedication and desire, something that burns in someway, somehow, in and through every musician, is all you need to live up to your true potential as a musician, and as a human being.

Pick up your guitar, and heed that drive that is burning in your heart, and follow your faith, no matter what style of music you play, no matter what form your faith takes, and play. This device was designed by people who understand what it is like to have a yearning, earnest desire to find joy in the sounds that they create. They want you to play too.

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