Line 6 M9 Review

Line 6 has built quite a reputation for providing the absolute best pedal boards in the business. The guys at Line 6 create top quality pedal boards that are built like a tank. The features and usability of Line 6 pedal boards reflects their years of experience in the music industry giving you everything you could want in a pedal board.

The Line 6 M9 is a dream of a pedal board. It is chock full of amazing features that Line 6 has packed into an extremely portable package. Simply plug right into the M9 and start enjoying all of the pedal effects you could ever need, let alone imagine.

The built-in 28-second looper provides plenty of time to create amazing blended sounds. With over 100 out of this world effects, you can create an endless array of layered sounds. It even allows you to use up to three effects at the same time for incredibly unique sound possibilities.

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This incredibly sturdy and portable device comes with seven foot switches, a luminescent backlit display, and functional control knobs that allow you to use it even during the craziest of shows! The M9 gives you the ability to produce six pedal board scenes, making it completely pre-programmable and ready for the stage.

Here’s What It’ll Do for You

The Line 6 M9 offers you over 100 amazing effects to choose from. It literally puts over 100 effects at your feet, allowing for incredibly easy use. With the M9 you never have to worry about annoying patch cords ever again! You can tune right in to lovely choruses, crazy distortions, silky smooth reverberations, and whole lot more.

Award-winning Line 6 pedals act as the perfect platform for you to utilize the M9 Stompbox Modeler and take advantage its amazing effects. The Stompbox Modeler gives you all of the company’s most famous Modeler sounds, including the DM4 Distortion Modeler, MM4 Modulation Modeler, DL4 Delay Modeler, Echo Pro and many more.

Each of these Modelers are based on the incendiary Stompbox tone, providing all the tonal subtleties and nuances of the original Stompbox. With so many amazing effects to choose from you will never run out of sound layer options.

The Stompbox Modeler used by the Line 6 M9 offers you access to virtually three effects units all in one unit. With the Line 6 M9, you can use three different effects at the same time. This creates endless musical possibilities.

You can also have three other effects sitting on the backburner and ready to be implemented whenever you want. The great thing about the M9 is that you have total control over how and when to use each effect.

You can simply use one effect at a time, combine them into sweet arrangements, or create a unique custom musical blend. If you play different gigs with different song lineups or types of music, the M9 has you covered.

line 6 m9 review

The Line 6 M9 allows you to make different scenes for every different gig. For instance, you can create one scene or arrangement for your rock gig, one for your jazz gig, and one for your bluegrass band. In fact, the M9 allows you to create and save a total of six arrangements.

Knobs and control functions of the Line 6 M9 are very intuitive and easy to use. You can use the specified knobs to change or tweak any of your tones. This is a welcome relief from all of the new systems out there that rely upon complicated menus.

All it takes is a simple turn of a knob. Even better yet, when you turn off the incredible little machine it saves all of your settings. The incredible bright LCD display shows all of the parameters and the very useful chromatic tuner. Sometimes simple is better, and the M9 is a testament to that.

Looping capabilities offered by the M9 are endless. It features a built-in 28-second looper that provides for extended looping possibilities. The easy to use 7 foot switches are dedicated for all of the looping controls.

Record, Overdub, Play, Stop, Play Once, Undo, Reverse and more are all controlled by their own easy to use foot switch. On top of this, the effects and loopers can be used together at the same time, giving you total flexibility. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The Line 6 M9 comes with input and outputs galore. The mono and stereo ins and outs come standard with DSP Bypass and True Analog Bypass to allow you to put the Modeler anywhere in between any other pedals you might have.

You can even use the designated expression pedal jacks hook up a pair of expression pedals. The MIDI input and output is perfect for saving your arrangements and makes the Line 6M9 compatible with any other MIDI system. This provides you with ultimate flexibility.


  • Compact and durable design
  • 28-second looper
  • Over 100 amazing effects
  • Can use up to three effects at the same time
  • Seven foot switches
  • Nice backlit display
  • Ability to store up to 24 arrangements
  • MIDI inputs and outputs


Here’s What It’ll Do for You

The Line 6 M9 is the ultimate pedal board that provides you with endless flexibility and is suitable for any environment. The compact device with its steel housing allows you to take it with you anywhere on the road and not have to worry about it getting beat up.

The multitude of amazing effects will allow you to create and store amazing arrangements worthy of any musician. Designated foot switches provide an extremely easy to use platform to utilize the device.

This special little tool provides you with endless opportunities to create amazing unique sounds and easily store them or play them anywhere. Grab the Line 6 M9 today and experience what other musicians are raving about!

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