Line 6 DL4 Review

What is Line 6 DL4 ?

The Line 6 DL4 stomp box is an amazing modeler. Known to some as the “Green Box”, the pedal has 16 effects ranging from multiple echoes, delays and a looper. Each of the digital effects on the DL4 can be tweaked with a simple interface.

You will be able to set your delay times, number of repeats, adjust bass and treble on your delays and mix your signal from up from a dry signal to an unprocessed signal.

The DL4 has three stomp switches (labeled A,B and C) which can be programmed with whatever tasty effects you can come up with. The fourth stomp switch controls your loop.

Line 6 has added an input jack for an expression or “wah” pedal to control some of the effects on the DL4’s presets and also on your own, programmed sounds. It’s easy to set up and gives you more diversity with your range of sounds.

The DL4 boasts two inputs (left and right) and two outputs (also left and right). When you plug into the left input, it acts as the on or off switch. You can purchase the power supply separately, but the DL$ also runs on 4 size C batteries.

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Here’s What It’ll Do For You

The Line 6 DL4 will clear up some of the clutter in your stomp box set up. The modeling capabilities will help you hone your tone much better than an array of different and separate pedals. Each of the stomp box’s presets model some well-known and renowned sounds ranging from Maestro’s EP echoes to Roland’s RE-101 Space Echo.

Not only will the Line 6 DL4 help you achieve some classic tones from some amazing developers, the stomp box gives you the freedom to style the tones to your liking. For each factory preset, you can dramatically change the way the DL4 handles your signal.

For example, you can use the Auto-Volume Echo preset, which acts as a fade-in swell and can act like you are turning the volume knob up and down on your guitar.

The Dynamic Delay preset can really give your tone an extra boost. It softens the echoes and repeats while you are playing, but the moment you stop playing, the intensity of the echoes and delays picks up.

As stated above, the delay can be tweaked so your repeats and echoes can have ranging treble and bass effects placed on top of them. This will help reduce some of the murky and messy sounds usually associated with heavy delays.

One of the favorites of the Line 6 DL4 is the Ping Pong effect setting. This specific delay utilizes two different channels of delay to make your sound seem to ping pong back and forth nice and smoothly. The delay can be timed to your liking by using some of the user interface knobs.

As well as having these killer effects and tones, the DL4 also provides the guitarist with the infamous Loop Sampler. You can record and overdub your riffs and chord progressions, then rip up some killer solos over them with the looper. The DL4 provides the guitarist with a variety of setting. You can play your riff or progression just once, play it at half speed or even in reverse!

The loop sampler will also allow you to layer your rhythms for a richer sound. You can also loop a lead and harmony at the same time.


The Line 6 DL4 is obviously a no brainer choice for all guitarists, but here is a run down of the presets, capabilities and specifications for easy reading.

  • Tape Echo
  • Tube Echo
  • Multi-Head
  • Sweep Echo
  • Analog Echo
  • Analog w/Mod
  • Lo Res Delay
  • Digital Deal
  • Digital w/Mod
  • Rhythmic Delays
  • Stereo Delays
  • Ping Pong
  • Reverse
  • Dynamic Delay
  • Auto-Volume Echo
  • Loop Sampler

The Line 6 DL4 has sixteen digital effects with eighteen factory presets installed. The three user programmable channels allow you to create your own unique sounds. The DL4 has controls fro the Effect Selector, Delay Time, Repeats, Tweak, Tweez and Mix Tap Tempo.

The guitarist can set up an onboard metronome and to keep your chops in time and sync your delays properly by using the Tap Tempo feature.

The Tweez and Tweak controls provide you with different ways to model the presets. They provide different parameters for different presets, so you will be able to explore your options for each of the different models.


Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

So if you still haven’t bought the Line 6 DL4 yet, here are some more reasons to not waste anymore time. Not only with the Line 6 DL4 save space on your effects rack, you will not have to haul all kinds of extra gear to and from your gigs. The Line 6 DL4 is one of the sturdiest stomp boxes around with a sharp looking vintage mint green color.

The on board looping capabilities can provide you with up to fourteen second repeats to give you tons of versatility with your riffs, rhythms and solos. The Line 6 DL4 can also be used for vocalists, keyboardists, bassists as well as guitarists. The versatility of the stomp box can provide an entire band with great new sounds.

There really isn’t a better option if you are looking for versatility when it comes to your echoes and delays. Instead of buying an over abundance of other modelers and pedals, you can get it all in one with this stomp box.

It will save you from buying too many chords and keep you floor much tidier! Do not settle for spending exorbitant amounts on a needless array of other pedals that will clog your sound and slim down your wallet. This is a highly recommended modeling stomp box. This pedal will not disappoint anyone looking to boost their repertoire and find the tones they are looking for.

So stop delaying and go with Line 6, because they never disappoint and are always good at what they do.

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