Home Recording Studio

For a few thousand dollars you can easily build your own home digital recording studio. And when I say build I’m not talking about tearing down old walls and putting up new ones.

Setting Up a Home Recording Studio:

First question to ask yourself:

Computer based system or multitrack digital recorder?

Both will work just fine, Below are some examples for both these options.

Some people just don’t like incorporating their computer into their recording world, well that’s fine with lots of great options for digital multitrack recorders.

These recorders are very straight forward and easy to use… glorified tape recorders with a lot more control. It’s all digital though so editing functions and effect processors are all built right in.

Multitrack digital recorders can be much more stable than using a computer that doesn’t meet certain requirements… see compatible computers.

Also, if you choose to go with a computer based system you’ll also need to be looking at some music recording software programs.

Digital Hard Disk Recorders

Digital multitrack music recorders have been around for decades. They can also be referred to as digital recording studios, portastudios, and audio workstations.

Originally they came equipped with tape but now, since it’s all digital, the quality is better and so are the editing functions. Get one of these and you already have a digital home studio at your fingertips.

Digital Hard Disk recorders are all-in-one recorders; so no need to worry about recording software or hardware interface. The only thing you will probably need maybe some external speakers.

Of course, as time goes on you can add more external stuff like effect processors, pre-amps etc.  Some digital recorders, however, have a good array of those things built right in and some are pretty decent quality.

Most of the well known companies have very inexpensive models starting in the few hundred dollar range and go up to a few thousand.

Check out a few of the more popular ones from cheap to not-so-cheap: Hard Disk Digital Recorders

Digital Audio Interface For Computer Recording

If you’re like a lot of people you’ll be doing your multitrack recording on the computer. This will require a few things; first a computer (wow really?).

You will also need a music recording software program, and then a piece of hardware called an “interface,” which is where you connect your mics and instruments so the computer software program can recognize them.

Here are some good Digital Audio Interfaces

Computers Designed For Recording Music

You can piece together a PC that’ll run a recording software program or you can buy one that was built specifically for that. Take a look at some of these Music Computers.

If you have a PC check out the requirements.

Configure Computer For Music Recording

Or, “how to build computer for home recording studio” RAM, chipsets, soundcards, these are just a few of the things that need special consideration when choosing a computer that’ll run your music recording program smoothly.

Without the proper components you can run into a nightmare of potential problems.

Music Recording Software

Here are the best programs for a computer based recording studio; Recording Software