Digitech Jamman Looper Review

What’s Digitech JamMan?

digitech jammanThe Digitech Jamman is an exceptional loop pedal that allows you to record any musical phrase you choose and then plays it back to you. The system gives you the freedom to jam along with the instant play back feature.

This versatile loop pedal has all the features you will need for a backup accompaniment. If you are looking to fill out the sound or bring variety to your music, this loop pedal does the job pretty well.

The unit offers you a totally hands-free way of recording rhythm loops. You get the option to tweak and fine tune your music as you go along. The system provides you with the luxury of saving up to 99 separate loops at the same time.

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The Digitech Jamman comes with a Compact Flash card that allows you to store over 24 minutes of looping time. All you need to do is hook up to your computer through your USB port to save and recall recorded tracks. A wide array features, coupled with simplicity of use makes the Digitech Jamman the ideal loop pedal for rehearsing, creating, and performing.

The Jamman presents you with new capabilities for your musical aspirations. Regardless of whether you happen to be performing by yourself or in a music group, the choices are endless!

Here’s What It’ll Do for You

This versatile system gives you the flexibility to be creative; it allows you to explore possible song structures that make for quality production. You can quickly record a loop and practice solo jamming along with it. The overdub function allows you record your song ideas so you don’t lose them.

The system comes with several recording functions as well as an auto recording starter. You can go as far as creating a whole band with the over dub function. The internal microphone allows you to solo and harmonize to achieve an excellent production, without stepping in a professional studio. You can easily undo and redo your overdub with a simple press of a button.

The Digitech Jamman generously allows you to save 99 separate loops at the same time. This is ideal for recording song ideas so you don’t forget them and going back to work on them later. The CompactFlash card is in a .wav format and gives you ample room to store your recorded loops. You can actually upgrade to a 2GB card to get about 6.5 hours of audio storage.

This system features various ports for all of your input options. The Digitech Jamman comes with enough input connections for recording all your loops. The ¼-inch input is available to hook up all your instruments. This input comes with changeable level control, to ensure stable signals for guitars, basses as well as keyboards.

digitech jamman review

The system also features a balanced XLR input for a microphone. This affords you the option to simply sing over loops to add variety to your music. Available to you is a miniplug input that is compatible with every line level source. You also get a USB connection that enables you to conveniently manage your recorded loops on your personal computer.

The CD/Aux input with center allows you to change your vocals at any time. Simply hit the cancel mode to remove vocals

The Digitech Jamman provides you with a whole range of ways to explore you looping capabilities. This device offers you flexibility to easily change the loop tempo with the built in metronome. You can increase or decrease the tempo without having to change the pitch.

The inbuilt metronome has multiple time signature capabilities that allow you to easily layer your loops while maintaining your desired phrase.


• Offers a totally hands-free way of recording phrases or loops and solo over them right away.
• Ample storage Capability- Easily store 99 individual loops at one time.
• CompactFlash card in .wav format allows you to save over 24 minutes of looping time
• Available option to increase memory by upgrading to a 2GB card to store up to 6.5 hours of audio
• Single layer of overdubs can be undone and redone with the press of a button.
• Two stop functions offer you the options to either stop right away or play to the very end
• Built in metronome offers you flexibility with loop layering
• Easily connect to your computer or laptop through USB to save as well as recall loops
• Flexibility to decrease or increase tempo while recording loops and keeping the pitch unchanged as you go along
• Convenient Auto-Record mode lets you to start recording immediately audio begins
• Easily remove vocals with the CD/Aux input with center cancel function
• Simply hook up your microphone via Balanced XLR mic input and start recording song ideas
• Footswitch jack offers you maximum flexibility – easily scroll through loops and start the Auto Record function


Here’s What I Want You to Do Next

Whether you are a serious musician or aspiring to be one, The Digitech Jamman is an invaluable tool that will make your life very easy. It will help rev up your creative juices and take you places you never dreamed you could go.

The Jamman is a superb unit to have as a guitarist. It’s simple and very easy to use. This versatile unit will greatly improve your guitar playing. You can easily structure your songs with this amazing loop pedal. Order one now and experience a whole new way of loop layering.

With the Digitech Jamman, you can experiment with different song structures and come up with an excellent production without necessarily having a whole lot of studio gear. The overdub feature offers you a lot of room to experiment with new phrases.

You can essentially create a band with this function. Easily insert your drums, bass lines, harmonies, and much more to build a whole backup band.

Equip yourself with this feature-rich unit and be ahead of the game. You will not find a more efficient and versatile loop pedal than the Digitech Jamman. Go for it and improve your production quality.

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