How to Become a DJ- The Ultimate No Nonsense Guide to DJ Fame and Money

So, you want to become a famous DJ? Let’s discuss what becoming a DJ really means-in more depth and with more detail so you know exactly what you are getting into and what is expected of you. Becoming a professional DJ means you have to work on your own personal style and technique, and know … Read more

Best DJ Headphones Under $100

For a DJ, having a pair of headphone that offers a great sound quality with a wider frequency range is extremely important. Listed below are 5 headphones that a DJ can find in the market this year that are low at price but high on quality. TASCAM TH02-B Closed-Back Stylish Headphone TASCAM crafted the closed … Read more

AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Review

Celebrity endorsements are extremely important to about 30% of headphone consumers, according to an NPD survey. So, AKG decided to relaunch its older, but still among the best, headphones AKG K701 as Quincy Jones Q701. For once, the celebrity endorsement does not mean one would be paying too much for too little, at the current … Read more


AIAIAI (pronounced eye eye eye) is a Danish company that was conceived in a club, and clearly has a lot of inputs from electronic acts on the scene there. TMA-1 is designed by DJs for DJs, with ‘2 Many DJs’ and ‘Hot Chip’ chipping in and constant feedback from other DJs testing it out TMA-1 … Read more

Best Headphones for DJing and Producing

You simply cannot become a DJ without headphones, period. Choosing the best dj headphones can be hard, dauntingly hard since there are now many brands to choose from. If you are looking for a new DJ headphones, but are finding it difficult to make a choice then read on. Why The Best Headphones for DJing? … Read more