Best Microphone for Home Recording Studio

Home Recording Guys Generally Don’t Need Mega Microphones Beginning home recording guys are always looking for explanations as to why their recordings don’t sound like their favorite recordings. For whatever reason, people usually blame their gear first. This article will discuss why it’s probably not your microphones fault for your recording problems. What Is A … Read more

You Probably Don’t Need to Build a Vocal Booth For Your Home Studio

Aren’t Vocal Booths Overrated! We are all looking for that “magic” vocal sound. Anyone who has recorded vocals before knows that getting a magic tone is not as easy as simply tossing an expensive condenser microphone in front of a singer and hitting the record button. There are several factors that separate us home recording guys from … Read more

When to Use Compression In Music: 15 Ways to Effectively Apply Compression

Without a doubt, compression is the most misunderstood tool in every home recording enthusiast arsenal. I’ve found that the quality of my mixes have almost entirely been linked to my knowledge and experience with compressors. For modern music especially, I’d be 100% behind if I didn’t understand compressors. In order to sort of paint a … Read more

Izotope Ozone 8 Review

Right out the gate here I want to say that when focusing on any one critical element in Ozone 8 (such as the brickwall limiter), it almost always does just as well as some $200-300 counterpart. Each portion of Ozone 8 is in A-list territory.  The “bulk” nature of this thing makes it easy to … Read more

Line 6 DL4 Review

What is Line 6 DL4 ? The Line 6 DL4 stomp box is an amazing modeler. Known to some as the “Green Box”, the pedal has 16 effects ranging from multiple echoes, delays and a looper. Each of the digital effects on the DL4 can be tweaked with a simple interface. You will be able to set … Read more