Best DJ Headphones Under $100

For a DJ, having a pair of headphone that offers a great sound quality with a wider frequency range is extremely important. Listed below are 5 headphones that a DJ can find in the market this year that are low at price but high on quality.

TASCAM TH02-B Closed-Back Stylish Headphone

cheap dj headphones under 100TASCAM crafted the closed back, stylish TH02-B headphones after a year of comparing designs, technologies and methods to deliver an astonishing sound quality at a highly affordable price.

It features a padded headband and plush cushioned ear cuffs with a full 90˚ rotation making TH02-B ultra flexible and offers comfort especially when using for long hours, looking incredibly stylish at the same time.

Also, thanks to its foldable design, TH02-B is compact to carry around and easily fit anywhere. These great set of headphones offer a clean sound, has a rich bass response and produce crisp highs unlike most other headphones.

So, if you’re looking for a headphone that allows you to enjoy a great sound quality while also offering ultra-comfort and flexibility, TH02-B is the way to go.

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Behringer HPX2000 Economy DJ Headphones

best cheap headphones under 100The Behringer HPX2000 DJ headphones offer superior audio in a unique design and an incredible performance at just $23.95.

It has everything a DJ would need – two rotating, reversible ear cups that contain high-efficiency cobalt capsules delivering every bit of sound.

The headphones have a single sided cable that prevents tangling and are crafted with oxygen-free copper wires that offer a clear signal. Behringer HPX2000 Economy DJ Headphones Studio has a terrific split and ultra-rugged headband with a flexible swivelling ear-cup design, allowing single-ear monitoring if desired.

HPX2000 is compatible with everything from an MP3 player to a mixing console as it comes with a 1/4″ TRS adapter for the 1/8″ TRS connector.

The headphones have an amazing sound quality – as it offers a high-definition bass, super-transparent highs and an ultra-high dynamic range.  The HPX2000 headphones give you unbelievable performance and ultra comfort without burning a hole in your pocket. So, check them out today.

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Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones

best dj headphones cheapSpecially designed by the drum pros at Vic Firth, these headphones were built to offer protection from potentially ear-damaging sounds associated with their instruments.

Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones greatly cut-down the level of overall noise by as much as 24 decibels, so unlike non-isolation headsets‚ where musicians have to increase the volume to very high in order to hear the mix clearly‚ these headphones reduces ambient noise from the environment.

This makes it very easy for a musician to play along with pre-recorded music or keep a check on other performers during a live performance at safe sound levels.

The headphones can be automatically aligned for perfect fit along with protection, and they come with broad foam cushions for maximum comfort. Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones available at a great price, with a very comfortable fit, having a very rich sound quality are easily an ideal choice for any musician.

With a 6 feet long straight cord right out of the box, this can lets you move around easily.

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Yamaha CM500 Headset with Built In Microphone

yamaha headphonesThe Yamaha CM500 combines a pair of closed-ear, noise-reducing headphones and a flexible headband with a dynamic, full-boom electric microphone making it a perfect choice for DJ performances, school music labs and gaming.

On a dance floor or a music lab, headphones get repetitively twisted. So, one would want a set of headphones that can resist all the wear and tear. Yamaha CM500 with its rugged construction of high-impact materials is made just for that!

The ultra-flexible headband, comfortable earcups and adjustable microphone boom positioning with flexible boom arm make Yamaha CM500 a great comfort for DJs.

Offering great sound quality, durability and comfort Yamaha CM500 is among the top choices for affordable earphones.

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Pioneer HDJ-500R DJ Headphones

Under $100 headphonesThe Pioneer DJ product family has a new member – Pioneer HDJ-500R. Priced under $100, Pioneer’s HDJ-500 R comes with an amazing sound quality and offers clear audio reproduction, enhancing the crucial low and mid frequency ranges that makes it great for remixing.

It is hard to believe these DJ headphones are under $100!

When it comes to design, HDJ-500R has incorporated almost everything that a DJ would want – a rotating arm structure for maximum flexibility, as it allows the user to rotate the right earpiece front and back by 60 degree. The headphones come with interchangeable cords which make it very comfortable for the DJ to move around.

The earpieces and headbands are made of urethane padding providing maximum comfort. The padding is wrapped in leather making it not just extra comfortable but also very durable. Made with a magnesium alloy core wrapped in hard plastic, HDJ-500R is very light.

Its great sound quality, design, durability and low price make HDJ-500R a great choice for any DJ.

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