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Everyone loves it when the brand takes extra time to incorporate extra features to the guitar for user friendly and happy customers. Extra features like special curves added to fit perfectly with the players palm or body or ability to vary the length of the strings for variety of sound. This features go a long way to helping one learn, and if not learn then play to the best of their ability and hence lovely music. The above considerations go a long way in helping one choose the most versatile guitar. Now we can take a look at different guitars from different brands to know there different features.

The 2015 Gibson less plus from the Gibson USA brand is an electrical guitar with a wide range of amazing features designed to catch the  user’s eye. Starting from its thin body made from mahogany to its perfectly shaped top for an easier hold. It provides easier comfort while playing due to the wider neck and fingerboard. Gibson provides a variety of colors for its finishes, which is  gloss lacquer, for extra touch. It has a tune-o-matic bridge system with amber top hat knobs. Not forgetting it comes in its own shell case. The only dislike is it has a weight of twenty pounds hence its heavier than other preferable ones.

The epiphone is another epic electrical guitar whose features include a carved mahogany top that hugs the body of the player well. A thin enough neck joint for easier access to the upper fret. It has powerful double coil pickups for the wide range of warm to loud sounds. It weighs only eight pounds making it ideal for someone who looks for lighter guitars. It also offers a wide range of finishes for the body for example ebony and vintage among others

Ibanez guitar is one of the most distinctive of its brand. Ranging from its fast speed and its powerful strength to its 5 piece maple neck it is one of the most versatile guitars. It has price worthy features which include an adjustable bridge system that comes with magnum lock machine heads with tuning stability. Its smooth ash body for soft touch with the maple made fingerboard. Not forgetting the large sized and eye candy frets. It also comes with a hard shell case so no worries on when to buy one. It can take quite a while to adjust to changing tunings but it sounds amazing once you get used to it.

The squier by the fender affinity brand is an amazing electrical guitar that comes with two single coil pickups instead of double coil pickups for a wide range of tones and ease of playing which makes it ideal for beginners. With a hardtail pickup system and a weight of thirteen pounds, just the right weight, and a comfortable enough neck. It is accompanied by a six saddle bridge for precise intonation with good quality hardware. The squier is a definite choice in both price and quality. All four guitars are exquisite in their own way to suit the buyer. So now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, find yourself your music mate.

Let’s face it, we all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to the perfect music instrument. Take for example a guitar. Finding an ideal guitar largely depends on the wants of the buyer. Most people would love to find the most versatile guitar that would not only encompass their needs but also have extra desirable features. That is why comparison of various guitars and their features while shopping for one helps you find out the right one for you from a variety. This also comes with knowing  what to look for when purchasing one and unfortunately most people don’t have this knowledge. This article is meant to aid you in what to consider when choosing a guitar.

Knowing the type of guitar you’re looking for or the one you would like to play. They range from acoustic to classical to electrical. The difference is in the strings. Acoustic guitars have steel strings, classical guitars use nylon strings while electrical guitars work with magnetic pickups.

The size of the guitar is another important aspect to consider. The right size usually depends on the ability of the one playing the instrument to hold it comfortably. You can say it also depends on the size of the player. An ideal guitar enables the user to be able to have a firm hold with the guitar hugging the user well.

Guitars come in different body shapes and it is important for you to consider the one that fits you. Ranging from carved tops to ones with thin bodies and others with thicker bodies. The color and material of the body is also another consideration. There are a variety of materials including mahogany, maple and walnut among others.

We can’t ignore one of the most important considerations, the price. Most prices go with brand but it is essential to choose a guitar based on one’s budget. Considering the affordability doesn’t mean it is of low quality.

The neck and fingerboard of the guitar. This a very essential part of any guitar you consider choosing. Starting from a wide neck to a narrow one. The neck also includes the color you would love and some guitars also offer different materials for the neck piece. The number of strings is also to be take  into consideration. Trying to play the instrument is one way of knowing what suits you best in both body and neck.

The sound of a guitar is another thing to be taken into considerations. Different types of guitars produce different types of sounds. An electric guitar most definitely does not sound like an acoustic one. Knowing the type of music you would like to play goes along way in helping to figure out the sound you would like your guitar to incorporate into the music.

Many of us love long lasting and durable features. So this is among the top considerations when choosing a guitar. The material is of utmost importance when it comes to durability. The ease in playing the instrument and its sound over a period of time.

8 Things You Should Consider When Choosing A Guitar.

Identifying the type of guitar that you need can prove to be a very tricky situation. Paying a visit to a music shop or an online shop website to get yourself the most versatile guitar yet you have very little information about guitars is even worse. The display of many models of guitars, the varying sizes and shapes may leave you mixed up to make a good choice. However, I am here to help you out if simply you will put into consideration the following 8 aspects when choosing a guitar.

Come up with a budget

You cannot purpose to buy a guitar without money or insufficient money.  It might sound a minor consideration but you ought to purchase a guitar which you can comfortably afford. Some of the cheapest guitars in the market cost as from around $100 to several tens of thousands of dollars. You should know that spending a lot of money to buy a guitar does not give the assurance of acquisition of the best guitar.  It’s very disgusting to spend a large sum of money on a guitar which does not suit your needs. For a beginner, I will advise you to settle on a guitar of roughly $ 300.

Identify the music genre and styles that you are interested in

Note that not all guitars play the same tone. Certain guitar tones best suit specific music styles/ genres. This implies that you must be in a position to tell your area of music style interest before getting a guitar. People interested in country music are fortunate when it comes to picking a guitar. This is because country music is open to performance by a variety of guitars.

You should consider if it’s an acoustic or electric guitar

Before choosing a guitar make sure you are familiar with either of the two. You should know what you need and which among the two will fully satisfy your needs as the most versatile guitar. The type of music that you are intending to play will help you to identify which among the two you should settle on. An acoustic guitar is a preferential choice for a number of music styles. For instance it suits folk music, rock music, country music and all the other music styles.

Consider which other accessories you need

When buying a car, it must be accompanied by fuel. Similarly when you want to choose a guitar, you should be aware of the other guitar accessories that will accompany it.  Some of the accessories you might need include: a strap, a stand, new strings, guitar cables, a kit for cleaning the guitar, guitar string cutter, tuners, case, pick, capo etc. These guitar accessories will give you an easy time to play the guitar.  However, you can also consider getting yourself an acoustic guitar as a beginner since you will be able to play it immediately you get it even without any guitar accessories unlike the electric guitar which needs you to have the guitar accessories.

Put into consideration the cost and barriers of maintaining a guitar

A simple example is between a Range rover sports car and a Toyota vitz. These two types of machines cannot be maintained at the same cost. This is attributed to the large difference in terms of their market prices. Similarly  when getting a guitar always put in mind that the more expensive a guitar is , the higher its cost of maintenance and the vice versa. It may seem classy and cool to get yourself a super-strat style guitar with a Floyd Rose bridge. However, be it you are a beginner then you are simply putting yourself on a diet of frustrations and headaches. This is because the Floyd Rose bridges are very complex and hard to set up and to change the strings. This may compel you to seek the services of a guitar technician who charge extra when it comes to setting up this kind of guitar. Settling on a simple guitar on the other hand will give you ease of use. Be it in tuning or restringing.

Make sure you play the guitar

If you intend to buy a guitar online, this might prove to be challenging to you but always make sure that you play a guitar before you own it. This is because online shops tend to give their products a lot of beauty value.  The beauty of the guitar is likely to attract you but it does not imply there is a lot of ease to handle it. Therefore as an individual make it a priority to handle and test a guitar before you can have it. Alternatively, you can visit a music store with that model of guitar you have spotted on an online shop then check it out to be familiar to it before placing your order.

Do not be too much obsessed with the brand

Many upcoming and new guitarists have developed a stereotype in which they tend to believe that for them to make it to stardom; they should consider getting either a Fender or Gibson since they are considered to be among the most versatile guitars. As a matter of fact, different guitar brands vary in their quality and longevity. However, your focal point should be on how the guitar feels in your hands more so as a beginner. Later on you can consider upgrading to a bigger and better brand of guitar.

Consider if it’s a new or used guitar

I will advise you to choose a used guitar only if you understand what exactly you need. Meaning you should know what to look for and you are not worried about repairing it.  If you want to get a used guitar, then let a skillful guitarist accompany you. He will help you get the right needs for you and even play the guitar to prove it. If you are a beginner or one who is not ready to spend on uninformed guitar repairs, consider getting a new guitar.

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