6+ Ways to Add Bass to Your Music

This is about basslines, not (necessarily) the frequency range. The bassline is the harmonic foundation of a track. A solid mix often needs a solid bassline. So how do you get there? How do you stop your basslines from sounding weak or flabby? Here are some techniques to consider: 1. EQ This is the big … Read more

DIY Sound Diffuser

The Importance Of Diffusion Most of us have seen the science demonstration of how sound waves work – a pebble dropped into the calm surface of water in a tank, the slowly-radiating concentric peaks and troughs in water corresponding to cycles of compression and rarefaction in air. But the analogy of waves on water to … Read more

Best USB Microphones for vocals on a Computer

USB microphone are just like any other ordinary microphones designed to input voice into the computer, with one different type of the connection, via USB ports and usually are plugged and play with no additional software. USB microphones can be varied within the designs and dimensions but usually provides the same ability. Others option like stands, … Read more

Best Budget PC Build for Music Production

Processors Computer processors essentially determine the speed of a computer. There are multi-core processors, which have multiple processors built into one. Most modern recording software can take advantage of multiple cores by splitting tasks amongst them. Hence, I highly recommend a multi-core processor. With that said, almost any new computer as of 2012 has an adequate … Read more

Best DJ Controller for Beginners:

Authors side note: Although this post contains reviews of the 10 best DJ controllers, nothing, in my opinion, beats Novation and Numark. Enjoy reading 🙂 #1 Novation TWITCH DJ Controller – a completely new take on DJing In the world of music technology Novation is a brand name that I instantly associate with innovation and … Read more