AIAIAI (pronounced eye eye eye) is a Danish company that was conceived in a club, and clearly has a lot of inputs from electronic acts on the scene there.

TMA-1 is designed by DJs for DJs, with ‘2 Many DJs’ and ‘Hot Chip’ chipping in and constant feedback from other DJs testing it out TMA-1 is a stunning redesign that confirms Scandinavia as the King of Design.

Sound Quality

aiaiai tma 1 dj headphoneIf you work on the turntable, these headphones have been perfectly tuned for you, specifically for when you are standing at the center of a noisy club.

The sensitivity is better than the other headphones in the price range, and it is louder than even the competing Sennheisers. For that reason, it is great to listen to music while you commute through a noisy route to work.

Drums and baselines stand out making it easier to mix music with these cans on. But despite the enhanced bass, the vocals and strings are not swamped out. While you listen to really precise reproduction of guitars, drums bounce off in parallel giving a sense of space.

The other great point about these DJ headphones is that they sound great right out of the box. You don’t have to spend anytime burning them in.

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aiaiai tma 1 dj headphoneTMA-1 takes inspiration from Sennheiser’s HD 25. But the design is a complete rethink of what a DJs closed-back headphones look like. This design is every definition of minimalism, with no logos and no hinges.

The removable 1.7m cable has 3mm jacks on both ends. It comes with a 3mm to 6.3mm adaptor and spare earpads padding for replacement.

The headphones are practically weightless for the wonderful functionality they provide.

Earcups are carved to let the headband pass through, avoiding hinges. The headband is provided with small dot perforations to allow the earcups to fit all sizes snugly.

Coiled wires come out of each of the earcups and connect to the headband. All this gives TMA-1 a unique look, and absolutely no reason to have a brand logo on it.


These cans have been designed with DJs in mind. So, not surprisingly, you can listen to them for hours together with nothing to complain about. The lightweight is a big plus.

The earpads, available both in genuine leather and synthetic leather, absorb no sweat at all, and cover the ear organically. They are very easy to switch anytime you need to, and the set comes with a spare. They provide great isolation and no leakage at all.

The 3mm jacks are threaded which is a great comfort for DJs. If the cable gets trapped under something while you are listening to them, the jack simply pops out. No more getting irked with the headphones being wrenched off your head.

The only complain could be the lack of padding on headband. But between lightweight and great coating they make up for this lack and this never becomes a true hindrance in your listening pleasure.

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aiaiai tma 1 dj headphoneThough TMA-1 has a plastic body, it is built to be durable. This starts with a no hinges design – no moving parts means much longer lifetime.

The body is highly resistant to fingerprints and scratches, you could drag them down and they would survive without a scratch.

That said these cans are truly modular in design. If at all you need to replace something, it is a walk in the park. Easy and cost-conscious part replacement, if the need arises, means you can keep these with you for much longer than other headphones in the range.

These are a rare headphones in the DJ space that can neither be folded down nor allow for earcup rotation. But the headband is so flexible that you can twist them for any kind of use – and the headphones always return to the original shape.

The aiaiai tma-1 headphones are practically indestructible. If you travel a lot, you can just drop into your luggage without a worry and when you take them out they will be in mint condition. They would survive all manners of flex tests and the roughest ride you can imagine.


At the current price point these cans are a steal. Nothing that the competition offers is a match. These are targeted for the DJs, though if you spend a lot of time in a noisy environment they could be a great catch for you. All sorts of audiophiles will fall in love with these headphones.

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