Numark MIXTRACK 3 DJ Mixer Review

The Numark MIXTRACK 3 DJ Mixer is designed as a step up from the regular MixTrack and provides a level of professionalism that is remarkable for the price.

It is designed as a step up from the regular MixTrack and provides a level of professionalism that is remarkable for the price.

It offers features that would be expected for double the price, including two touch-sensitive decks, two built in audio outputs, microphone inputs and a headphone.

The buttons on this DJ mixer are extremely easy to use, with the loop and effects buttons and pitch knobs on the top for easy accessibility. A unique feature is the browser knob right in the middle of the console, so you can browse your iTunes directly.

The mixer comes with an amazing number of features, and Virtual DJ software is included. It is extremely light and portable so you can take it anywhere. The sound quality of the Numark MIXTRACK 3 DJ Mixer is great and the simple layout will enable the beginning DJ to mix faster and more easily, while having fun at the same time.

Numark MIXTRACK 3 Mixer Features

  • Two touch sensitive decks with total mixer capability.
  • Built in sound card with two audio outputs and microphone inputs.ks with total mixer capability.
  • Controls are easily accessible and light up for full visibility.
  • Browser knob in center of console enables full browsing of library with no need to use computer.
  • Virtual DJ software included.

Numark MIXTRACK 3 DJ Mixer Reviews

The MixTrack 3 will be a welcome relief to beginner DJs who complained about the lack of a built in sound card on the regular MixTrack.

This DJ mixer has additional features that we found really commendable. For instance the browser knob on the center of the console, which means you can browse your tunes library without having to go through your computer. Generally, our reviewers find the product extremely easy to use – “this is simply a must-have for aspiring DJs,” “ you can learn so fast with this controller.”

The easy interface “puts everything at my fingertips – cues, looping, effects, EQ, pitch bend.” The  Numark MIXTRACK 3 DJ Mixer can compete with mixers at double the price, with two sound outputs, plus headphone and microphone inputs, as well as two touch-sensitive decks. The quality of the sound is “amazing.”

There are conflicting views over the scratching capability of this product. Some of our reviewers praise the “excellent response in terms of scratching.”

However another one of our reviewers says “scratching is not that great” while one user states “this controller is not meant for scratching … it just can’t handle it.”

This problem is attributed by one reviewer to the latency, although others insist there is no latency with this product. An issue many users have with the Numark MIXTRACK 3 DJ Mixer unit is its plastic construction, which they complain feels cheap and flimsy – though of course it contributes to the lightness and portability, which is praised.

A couple of users also complain that one of the jog wheels shakes or does not spin smoothly, while another couple do not like the fact that the crossfader is too sensitive and moves too easily. These really are fairly isolated issues. Generally the Numark MIXTRACK 3 DJ Mixer is considered an excellent unit for those for whom it is designed – “would recommend this to any beginner DJ who would like to start DJing at home.”

If looking for another incredible Numark DJ mixer, we suggest you go with the Numark NVII DJ controller.

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