Best USB Microphones for vocals on a Computer

USB microphone are just like any other ordinary microphones designed to input voice into the computer, with one different type of the connection, via USB ports and usually are plugged and play with no additional software. USB microphones can be varied within the designs and dimensions but usually provides the same ability. Others option like stands, … Read more

Best Budget PC Build for Music Production

Processors Computer processors essentially determine the speed of a computer. There are multi-core processors, which have multiple processors built into one. Most modern recording software can take advantage of multiple cores by splitting tasks amongst them. Hence, I highly recommend a multi-core processor. With that said, almost any new computer as of 2012 has an adequate … Read more

Best Studio Monitors Under 1000

If you’re reading this now because you’re in the market for some studio monitors for your home recording exploits – congratulations! You’ve either got some very understanding neighbours or you live far enough away from them for it to matter! In all seriousness though, if you want to get the best mix of your music … Read more

Best Keyboard Stand for Gigging

When shopping for a digital keyboard stand, you will have many choices between brands. Digital keyboards are the heavier type of keyboards made to replicate the actual feel of a hammer-weighted piano. Make sure you purchase the right kind of stand for your piano! Manufacturers of digital pianos or keyboards will usually make stands for … Read more

How to Measure Amplifier Output Wattage

A Simple Explanation of Watts, Audio Power, and Pissing Off The Neighbors We’ve all purchased power amps for PA systems, studio monitors, or our cars. We pay top dollar to get as much electrical power (watts) as possible because we want our music louder. Unfortunately, most people who are buying power amps don’t understand how … Read more

Best DAW For EDM Music

If you’re not sure about what music production software to use, let me give you the only piece of information you need. It doesn’t matter. Let me explain… Every producer has their favorite program and some will swear that one is better than another. The truth is, they all do the same thing – allow … Read more