Akai LPK25 Laptop Performance Keyboard Review

If you are looking for a compact yet versatile midi controller to act as a keyboard so you can create music when and wherever you want then the Akai LPK25 is the logical choice to make. This compact 25 key keyboard offers you the versatility you want with the quality you expect from Akai.

This USB bus powered keyboard plugs directly into your laptop and is ready to use.

There is no external power supply or need to carry a supply of batteries as the LPK25 acts as an extension of your laptop.

Thanks to its low power consumption this adaptable midi controller can also be used with any model of iPad, with the addition of the Apple camera adaptor, giving you total freedom to compose on the move.

The Akai LPK25 is both Mac and PC compatible and requires no other drivers to make it work. Included in the box is a CD-ROM with the Akai editor software that is ready for both Mac and PC as well as the USB cable and almost redundant instruction manual.

The AKAI LPK25 midi controller has been developed to work with virtually all music software in order for it to be the midi controller of choice for musicians, producers, DJ’s, or enthusiastic amateurs to make their music with.

The velocity sensitive keyboard has a synth action that allows you to play the way you want in order get the sound that you need to achieve your musical goal. The LPK25 may be small but it offers you a huge range of possibilities.

While the LPK25 is small it has some outstanding features built in to give it the scope you demand from an Akai product. The only thing that will slow you down is your own sense of perfection.

LPK25 Key Features

  • The arpeggiator. A useful tool that can help develop melodic ideas as it automatically steps through chords. You just set the speed and range and start playing.
  • Tap tempo control. Using this feature you can set the speed of the arpeggiator to suit the beat that you are creating.
  • Sustain: Does exactly what you expect but with the added bonus of you being in absolute control of duration.
  • Octave up and down: Just because this keyboard only has 25 keys does not mean that you have to miss out on the range of notes a normal keyboard would offer. Far from it in fact. This control actually provides you with a range that exceeds that of a ‘normal’ system. When neither key is illuminated then the range starts at middle C.

These six buttons, on the left hand side of the keys, give this keyboard midi controller a huge scope of operation and adaptability that will suit all users.

If those features were not enough to encourage you to start working with the LPK25 then the four built in programmable memory banks will encourage you to push yourself even further.

Small Size

Another very useful detail is the sheer lack of size.

Measuring in at a diminutive 97x340x28mm and weighing in at only 0.64Kg, the Akai lpk25 midi keyboard has built a truly portable midi controller that can be stowed in almost any kind of backpack, laptop case, messenger bag, or even purse.

But just because it is not huge or heavy does not mean that you have to worry about it being fragile. AKai have used high grade materials to ensure that you can enjoy working with their midi controller.

Combined with your DJ laptop and imagination this tool will let your inner musician run riot. If you already possess an APC40 or Launchpad then the LPK25 is the ideal companion for them as well.

Although the keys are smaller than standard even people with ‘thick’ fingers find this keyboard easy to adapt to and are soon playing just as well as on anything else.

The best part about this keyboard midi controller is its price.

It is hard to believe that you can acquire such a versatile piece of equipment for such a small sum of money.

And it really is small when you consider that you get such a range of functions for under £30. Everything you need to get the best from your laptop’s music software and all for less than £30.

What are you waiting for?

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